Woman cut off private part of the rapist: woman power

This case belongs to the Basrahhar police station of Etawah district. According to the victim woman, her nephew had been keeping a watch on her for several days. One day, after getting the woman alone she began to rape.

But the woman cut the young man’s private part with a knife with a vegetable cutter nearby. After that the lady informed the police from the phone. After which the police admitted the injured youth to the Community Health Center in Bushehr.

Now the condition of the young man is out of danger. The police has registered a case against the youth and has started investigations.

Nowadays where the incidents of rape in the country are not taking the name to stop. At the same time, this lady has done very brave work. If all the women and women start doing such work then the rapists will be scared. Before rape, one thousand times will think.