Shocking Facts About Asia’s Largest Red Light Area Sonagachi. (The Village Of Prostitutes)

The biggest sexiest Asian in India is located in Calcutta, one of the capitals of India. Sonagachi named after the city’s four-year history is engulfed in this sexist name. Not only that, its name has emerged in different ways in Bangla literature. During the British government, it was largely a great form.

1. A large part of Sonagachi’s sex workers came from Nepal and Bangladesh.

2. Sonagachi is India’s largest ‘banned palli’ About 10 thousand sex workers live here.

3. The number of Bengali sex workers has decreased gradually in Sonagachi. Nepali, Rajasthani and ‘Agrawali’ are now in abundance.

4. According to legend, at one time the owner of this area was a Muslim religious leader named Sanaullah or Sona Gazi. The Gazir Mazar is still in this area.

5. One night’s ‘joy’ in Sonagachi can cost 300 to 10 thousand takas. There is so much diversity in the remuneration of India, and rare in ‘forbidden villages’.

6. Not all sex workers working in Sonagachha are forced to go down in the profession due to lack of urgency or pressure. Many volunteers came to this profession voluntarily.

7. As part of this project, in 1992, an organization called Durbar Mahila Samana Samity was formed, with the aim of protecting the interests of sex workers. Currently, the membership of this organization is about 65 thousand.

8. Brysky and Raf Kafman, known to children living in Sonagachi, created the documentary ‘Born In Broths: Calcutta Red Light Kids’. The film won the Oscars in 2004 as the best documentary.

9. Sonagachi’s sex workers are mostly known in the profession of their pseudonym.

10. A project called ‘Sonagachi Project’ was started in 1992 in order to ensure the consumers’ use of condoms to the sex workers.

11. In 1880, sex in India was created by the author of ‘Anonymous Nama’. The background of the play was Sonagachi. Since then, many kinds of literature have been written in Bangla in the context of Sonagachi.

Though the job is illegal, the government does not tinkle with Sonagachhi. The government of Calcutta accepted the lives of these people and their livelihood. No government in West Bengal wanted to eradicate the Sonagachi. Maybe it is due to some cultural reasons, for some political reasons. Because despite the long years of Communist rule in West Bengal, there was nothing like the sex of a recognized sex like Sonagachi, so it can be said that its roots are deeply buried.