Orgasmic Photo Shoot Showing Women’s Faces Reveling Before


Not many females have been lucky enough to experience the heavenly feeling of an orgasm. Lucky are those who have had the ‘supreme pleasure’. And a looking at a woman who is in the feeling is an experience in itself. It is a sight to behold. But the unnecessary hush-hush around female sexuality is what curbs the enjoyment of an orgasm.

The feeling of the climax and reaching the Big O, have been captured on women’s faces by the Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti. The photographer wishes to celebrate the beauty of female sexuality in all its glory, under his project named The O Project. It is a steamy series that has been given shape with the help of a woman’s sex toy company, Smile Makers. This company surely makes women, SMILE, in pleasure.

Models from nationalities such as China and Singapore had been called for this beautiful shoot. Models were simply given a ‘Smile Maker’ and then, left to enjoy with it. And the result was these beautiful four-frames, that shows the complete flow from the peak of pleasure to easing into final relief.

All photographs have been used with permission from the photographer.

For this, you must see if your shoulders are clear!