Why McDonalds Clown Was Removed From All Stores

For most of us, the clown Ronald McDonald is a symbol of childhood, something that makes us remember moments of fun and joy. According to a study by a British university, the famous clown is the second person best known for children under 10 years, above Obama, Hitler or Jesus Christ, and only surpassed by Santa Claus. Even so, the chain of restaurants decided to remove it from all its establishments in the last years.

You ask yourself how it is possible that they eliminated something so representative and remembered of the mark? It was due to the increase in the use of social networks and to everything that people share in them. With the photos that began to publish young people around the world, the image of the clown was hurting the company instead of helping it. His figure ceased to be familiar and childlike to become vulgar and provocative; That made many parents stop taking their children to those restaurants.
Do not you think that’s possible? Here we are going to share some of the photos that have circulated in networks and that so badly caused to the fame of the clown.