Important use of Female condom, know here

The use of condom has increased significantly for a decade. Condom are available for men as well as for women in the market. But many women do not know about this. Female condom protects against unwanted pregnancy and coagulation. Today we will tell you some interesting things related to female condom.

Female condom was invented in India on April 7, 2006. It costs around 150 rupee in the market. There are three condom in one packet.

These condom are thinner than the men condom. And it halt the risk of HIV 20% as compared to men condom. Female condom was the only company to manufacture condom in 2006, but after 2009, another company got recognition, due to which female condom now have two companies in India.

Only 0.10 percent of Indian women use it. But 50 per cent of women in South Africa and America use it. After use, there is no danger of transaction. It is 20 percent stronger than men condom.

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