Here Women Offers Sex And Pisses On Men If Denied

There are many different types of countries around the world that are known for their different customs. In such a way, today we are going to talk about a place where both eyes and mouth will be left open after listening to the custom. We are talking about the distant villages of Papua New Guinea, of the Trobriand caste, where women are allowed to have sex with any person, then whether the person is willing or not, if women wish, then they can make a relation with him. This is considered to be a rape in many places but there is nothing like this here, but here’s the discount.

The other thing to do with this is that if a man refuses to offer a woman’s sex offer then the woman pisses in the mouth of the man. Yes, this is very weird but true. If a woman asks a man to make sex, then it is necessary to accept it or else the woman pisses in the mouth of the man. Anyone who refuses to make sex with women, gives women abuses, says bad and if still they do not believe then they piss in her mouth.

Here it is common that whatever happens. For a long time here is the custom here that people are living themselves. It is called Love of the Island and here every year yam festival is held in which women hide behind the bushes and wait for the arrival of men and the men who like them invite them to have sex and if they If she refuses, women piss in her mouth. This custom is very strange but true.