How To Give A Nipplegasm

Breasts are sexualized by many and are the focus of many’s sexual fantasies. They’re also a highly sensitive body part, and it’s been proven that nipple stimulation alone can lead to a mind-blowing orgasm. Arousal from nipple stimulation isn’t rare, but the right state of mind and stimulation can lead to an actual nipplegasm. Nipplegasms are on the rise, so try it out and don’t miss out on causing or receiving this alternate orgasm. Here’s how to give a nipplegasm.

Male and female arousal.Though breast and nipple orgasms are more likely in women, men also get aroused by nipple stimulation. Nipple play is for everyone and can cause an orgasm or better a genial orgasm in both sexes. It’s worth a shot for both sexes.

Full body sex. Those who are likely to orgasm from nipple stimulation are more likely to have an open mind about full body sex. The thought that your entire body is involved in sexual acts is the attitude needed to achieve a really powerful nipplegasm.

What happens when nipples are stimulated.

With some people, oxytocin is released in their brain when the nipple is stimulated. The oxytocin release causes vaginal contractions and genital blood flow. This is what causes an orgasm.

You must be easily aroused. Some people don’t feel anything from sex that isn’t purely genital. Some people don’t have sensitive nipples at all. If you feel aroused easily and are sensitive to touch, a nipplegasm may be easier for you.

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