Five things you will never know about your boyfriend

No matter how sincere they want to be, every couple has its secrets. Lovers between them often tell all their hidden secrets but there will always be things they will not say. Whether they feel embarrassed, whether they do not want to separate their secrets, or want to keep their secrets, there will always be a few things that they will not know about each other, things that can be linked to a possible argument saying, “You do not know me at all.” Let’s avoid these things and find out which are the 5 things a boy will never say, what strange gestures he does and that you do not understand.

1. When your boyfriend has the hand in his pockets

Did it happen to you many times that your lover stays in your pocket while walking? Are you going somewhere and your boyfriend doing strange hand gestures in his pocket? Well, you have to know that through this gesture he wants to hide something. Most of the time, in training pants or jeans or shorts, is seen when the boy is excited. His dick is raised and it’s pretty crazy to see the street like that or the girlfriend sees it in this. Girls, you have to know that the boy does not hold his hand in his pocket because he’s cold. The real reason why he has his hand in his pocket is that he tries to press on his tool so he can not see or keep it. You can see this gesture very easily. I challenge you when you see the partner with your hand in your pocket stand in a strange way, grab his hand and you’ll see exactly what I’m saying.

2. One thing each boyfriend did

I assure you that there is no boy who is in a relationship and who has not done that at least once. Every boy measured at least once his dick to see how big it is, to see how he was ranked in the top of the manhood and to see if he would satisfy his girlfriend. At least once a boy did that which, of course, he will never remember especially in front of his girlfriend.

3. The ”I have never done it!” excuse

You have to know that there is no boy who did not have a paw at least once. Every boy, be it in a relationship, has masturbated at least once and guess what … he was thinking of his girlfriend. With an active or no sex life, you need to know that this is something that calms the guys. it’s like a drug they can not get rid of. Of course, there are very few who say they did. Most people start to laugh. But to convince yourself, you can check. The penis is much louder if the boy did nothing. If you have sexual intercourse, you can compare 2 acts and if you feel any difference, then yes, your lover has made the paw.


4. Let’s watch a movie


If you have a relationship and you want to go to the next step, most girls do not usually take this step. Any boy will try to stay more alone with his girlfriend, to catch it in certain situations, to be able to touch it. Excuse me with the movie is the best. For someone who is tender is a beautiful invitation. And do not think the girl does not realize the subtle approach behind the invitation. Such men’s seduction games are the safest ways to have a lady in bed with you. Of course, the boyfriend will not recognize from the beginning that the goal is physical proximity, not the pursuit of the film.

5. Behind any boyfriend is a fantasy man

One of the boys’ greatest secrets is that they all have fantasies. No one will tell you what fantasies she has with his girlfriend, but absolutely everyone. Even if you seem classy in public, even if the boy is not perverse and does not touch you, do not take your ass, breasts, that does not mean he does not have fantasies with you. Every boy has fantasies with his naked girlfriend, making love in more and more ways. It is best that when the boyfriend does not take the attitude, take the girl. A boy needs only a little impulse to turn into a real classy in public and a beast in particular