Why Does Everyone Love Super Bowl?

Why Does Everyone Love Super Bowl?

If the NBA has they’re all-time famous, NBA Finals, the NFL or the National Football League also has their own, which is called the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is one of the grandest stages of sports entertainment. It is very remarkable each year that fans do not just care to watch their favorite teams win, but also, they love to watch their favorite performers be on the center stage and do (what could be) the grandest performances of their lives. That stage has been an avenue of the greatest performances that are ever given by performers, namely Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Aerosmith, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, the list just never ends! These favorite performers of ours give their very best during these performances, and it makes the Super Bowl a must-watch event every year.

But Super Bowl’s focus is not just the halftime shows, the performances of the greatest artists, but of course, the glory of whoever is going to win the cup. NFL has a huge fan base, they fill up stadiums, averaging around 70,000 live spectators per game. Even if you do not care about the league, but then you have a family member that is a die-hard fan of the game, there is no way you would not be affected by the contagious support of that family member.

The game of NFL itself is very amazing. It is a game of strength, it is not a fast-paced game that has a scoring basis of almost every minute just like basketball. It makes the viewers and the fans anticipate the game even more. Watching their favorite player bump and outrun each other to achieve the perfect touchdown, kick the ball up in the air and score points, feel the emotions of the player who ran and avoided every opposing team member just to score against the team. The best part (every game’s best part) is that when it is almost going to end, yet you have the same scores. Where people now stop talking, finish their food, stand up, and hold on to each other, awaiting that long scream that they want to do if they win, or feeling that sad emotion because your team losing is just like the same feeling as you are losing the game too.

However, NFL is still considered as one of the greatest leagues in the sports industry. There is just no angle of it that will make you hate the game. And to have a championship game that all the fans have been waiting for a year? Why would you not love to watch the Super Bowl?