Couple in Thailand Caught Naked Having Sex in the Sea

Sex In The Sea It’s not every day you get drunk in Thailand and have sex in the ocean with your significant other, but if you do, don’t get caught like these idiots.

Thailand has strict laws on indecent conduct in public, obscenity and drunken behavior and these dirty Brits just broke all the rules in one careless swing.

And their punishment after being reported to the Thai police?

Being marched on the beach butt naked for all to see. Talk about a walk of shame.

The couple was spotted together in chest-high water in front of beachgoers on Sunday morning at 2:30 am in Pattaya, a resort south of Bangkok. The police were called to break up the fun.

thailand Officers then walked them to Pattaya City Police Station where they were charged with public indecency and each fined 1000 Thai Baht.

Actin’ like a buncha teenagers. If you’re traveling abroad, make sure you come back without being a foreign criminal.