Girls Who Got Caught In Awkward Moments

We all get caught in awkward moments sometimes.. usually, they’re not a pretty sight. Here are 6 girls who got caught in the most awkward moments!


1 Catch that food

She drops her food all over her boobs, and it doesn’t help that the colour of the food is pink/white! What an awkward moment


2 Watch out when you cross your legs!

Crossing your legs in a skirt is always a risky decision, somehow this girl gets caught in the most awkward leg cross!


3 Grocery store uniform?

Whoa. The grocery store is supposed to be a safe place where families can shop for their favourite products! This is awkward…


4 WOW!

How is she going to go to the bathroom in those pants? Those are so tight! Really awkward.


5 Anne Hathaway

She is one of the most famous actresses and yet she still can’t avoid an awkward moment! How do these photographers catch them in these times?


6 Mooning

Gotta be careful when sitting with your legs crossed in a skirt.. especially when its windy out!